/10 Shops that Accept Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies
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10 Shops that Accept Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Do you wish to spend your cryptocurrencies to buy things online? That’s actually quite possible. Every day, more and more companies decide to embrace the payment method of the future that is Bitcoin.

The Benefits

Payments usually get to the seller much faster than traditional methods, as there is usually a delay when using for example Paypal or Credit Cards between the time it takes for the funds to actually be in the client’s hands.

In general, sellers are pretty content with having shops that sell with Bitcoin online. The fact that it is decentralized also allows to eliminiate cross border payments that might even take longer or experience some difficulties.

That being said, here is a list of credible shops that accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

The list (but there are many more, feel free to look for them yourself!)

Namecheap is a well known domain registrar. They also offer hosting services and SSL certificates. They are one of the most known companies in this sector and have a reputation spanning for a very long time as well as affordable pricing for their services. On top of being ahead of the curve in many things, Namecheap is also a large advocate for the rights of internet users.

Expedia is yet another company that accepts Bitcoin payments. They are an American travel company that is specialized in the sales of flight tickets. They also offer services like hotel reservations and car rentals through their online platform. We know during these Corona times probably not too much is going to be happening in this regard.

Newegg.com is a seller of consumer eletronic goods and hardware for computers. It a large company that exceeds a total annual sames aount of 1.3 billion USD. In terms of technological advancements, Newegg has always been quick to apply them.

ExpressVPN.com handles clients and services related to the virtual private network. Offered by a company based in t he British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN offers users the ability to surf the internet encrypted and securely. The protocols they deal with are SSFP, L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP.

Microsoft doesn’t need much explanation. We pretty much all know this company. Well, in case you didn’t know, they also accept Bitcoin at Microsoft, which is not very surprising.

OKCupid is an online dating service. Unlike Tinder users on this platform try to find someone based off personality matches. Users fill in extended quizzes to learn more about who will be a likely match. These test results are also available to other users.

WordPress.com is a content management system written in PHP and paired with MySQL. Their website software is also open source. However, they do offer hosting services, for which they do accept payment.

Bitmain is a company owned by Binance. They produce their own ASIC miners and accept payments in Bitcoin. In general their miners are considered some of the most power efficient models on the market, outlasting others in profitability. Please note however the need for cheap electricity before contemplating mining.

Etsy.com is an e-commerce website. They mostly deal in vintage & craft items, as well as handmade. The list of things available for purchase on Etsy is extensive, but they include clothing, home decorations, jewelry, toys, art, and furniture. Some of the retailers on Etsy accept cryptocurrency.

Overstock is yet another e-commerce marketplace, mostly specializing in household goods but also other things. They are a large company with a yearly revenue exceeding 1 billion USD and are most known for selling goods at lower prices than many other vendors.